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October 06, 2004

wilco wilco wilco!!

They’re coming!! To Tempe! In November! Tickets go on sale tomorrow!

Who’s coming with me?

Posted by christa at October 6, 2004 06:13 PM


85 bucks for tickets? Are they CRAZY???? Is it too early for me and I'm just reading wrong and the 2 looks like an 8? Or do I have a high fever or am I hallucinating? When did Wilco become Madonna? Sheesh. Price GOUGING! I like Wilco, but for 85 bucks I'll just go buy 6 cds or something. If anyone has different informations and I just read the ticket page wrong, PLEASE let me know. I've been known to get shit like this wrong. Anyways, Christa, let me know if you're still going.

Posted by: Tucson Michelle at October 7, 2004 08:53 AM

Ok...I think the $85 is for rich person "pre-sale" tickets. I'm sure the actual non-presale price will be drastically different. I feel much better. For $85 you should be able to sit on their laps.

Posted by: Tucson Michelle at October 7, 2004 09:03 AM

Christa!!! You're not buying those $85 tickets, are you?????? I can't afford to go for $85! I'm poor. VERY poor. All my money is going to help Harrison Ford get elected. ALL of it.

I'm serious, people.

Posted by: Tiffany at October 7, 2004 10:32 AM

It's getting awfully hot in the other comments section, wowsa! gotta love debating politics. So far as this concert, who the hell is Wilco? never heard of em and $85.00??? that's more than what Neil Diamond tix were going for, WTF?!?! there's just something not right about that. Gee, last concert I went too back in the mid 90's, tix were $25.00. they all cost too bloody much now, cant afford to go. However, if Journey makes their way round these parts, no amount of money is going to keep me from seeing them. I found out they just played in Portland, so i've got my fingers crossed they'll come up north here. WOO HOO!!!

Posted by: celly belly at October 7, 2004 11:29 AM

Putting politics aside, Jounrney came to my state fair 2 years ago and even though Steve Perry does not tour with them anymore, it was still a really good show. I would sell part of my soul to see them again.

Posted by: Amanda at October 7, 2004 02:05 PM

Well hey, atleast we can agree on the awesomeness that is Journey :-) yeah, I heard Steve Perry isnt in the band anymore, but that the new guy they got sounds just like him.

Posted by: celly belly at October 7, 2004 03:50 PM

Wow. Journey? Are you sure? Okay.

Posted by: Tiffany at October 7, 2004 04:15 PM

christa, read your mail and you'll see me
bitch about how i was supposed to go to a show
w/ robin but the tix sold out before she got me
one....she saw wilco.

Posted by: neely at October 7, 2004 07:32 PM

i saw pins at a local record shop and they had anti-bush buttons. my favorite being "the only bush i trust is my own"

Posted by: at October 7, 2004 07:38 PM

$85! No way. Serious? I mean, serious? You are kidding right? Wow.

Posted by: Monkeyspit at October 7, 2004 10:18 PM

umm, tickets are $25 each. I am not sure where $85 came from or how much Crazy Juice my dear Michelle was drinking this morning, but tickets for Wilco in Tempe are $25. Honestly. Oh and a $3.00 service charge. So $28.00.

Also, how did someone post a comment without having to leave a name? Who posted that?

Posted by: christa at October 7, 2004 11:40 PM

Ahhh, Wilco. I'm going Thursday AND Friday at the Wiltern in L.A. in November. Tix were only $35 here, not sure why they're so expensive out there....

Posted by: Jonathan at October 8, 2004 11:00 AM

D'oh. Just read your comment at the bottom, Christabell. $28 is a great deal, have fun at the show!

Posted by: Jonathan at October 8, 2004 11:01 AM


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