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February 03, 2005


Ryland has mastered the trick of rolling from his tummy to his back and has been happily rolling onto his back for several weeks. He is quite the little pro at it, too.

And today, for the first time, my little genius son managed to roll from his back to his tummy. This is quite the triumph! Itís hard to get over on that big round belly. He was getting to his side, but just couldnít coax his body up and over his arm and onto his tummy.

But now heís done it and I am as proud as proud can be.

This poses new dangers and I am going to have to watch him like a hawk, he can roll and wiggle and worm himself all over the place. One minute heís on his back, looking at the couch and the next heís on his tummy and has rotated himself all the way around to face the TV. That little tub is going to be crawling soon, I just know it. He gets so mad he canít get down and play like all the other kids.

AHHHHH this is happening too fast! Stay little rye-bread, please stay little.

Posted by christa at February 3, 2005 04:14 PM



Posted by: Tiffany at February 3, 2005 04:48 PM

Wow... he's growing up so fast. I'll be teaching him how to properly drink and drive in no time.

Posted by: Morgan at February 4, 2005 01:39 PM

Properly is the key word!!!
Too bad you dont have streaming video of what you described with Ryland...It would be so cute!!!

Posted by: DG at February 4, 2005 02:08 PM


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