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May 26, 2004


Well, I’ve finally made it to Arizona. Yesterday was a miserable day of traveling, I don’t want to talk about how annoying it was, but United Airlines sucks and being pregnant sucks and security checkpoints suck and $10 lunches on a frigging airplane suck.

Tomorrow I leave for San Diego. Yay! I am very excited. The weather isn’t going to be as swell as I hoped, but it is still san diego and it is still a super nice hotel and it is still four days with Marianne and after the stress of moving across the country I need a little bit of loafing. A lot bit actually.

I can’t believe we’re done with Boston. I can’t believe it. It still doesn’t feel real. It feels like I’ll be flying back in a week or so.

Also, for those of you on the edge of your seat, I have learned that Fox has renewed Arrested Development for another season. Couldn’t you just die with happiness?

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May 21, 2004

My sentiments exactly.

It is sad that it has come to this, but no one ever said the truth had to be a beautiful happy thing, did they? Come November, John Kerry is getting my vote.

I think itís time we all sang a little song, to make us feel better about the entire crappy situation. How about Lady, by Little River Band?

So lady, let me take a look at you now
Youíre there on the dance floor, making me want you somehow
Oh lady, I think itís only fair I should say to you
Donít be thinkiní that I donít want you, ícause maybe I do
Donít be thinkiní that I donít want you, lady I do

I love that song more than I should probably admit.

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May 20, 2004


I just read that the Detroit Zoo has decided to end their elephant exhibit due to ethical reasons and they are sending their two elephants to an animal sanctuary where they can roam with other elephants.

Sure, it is just one zoo, ending one singular animal exhibit, but it still makes me feel good.

Detroit isn’t all bad.

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May 18, 2004

24 weeks.

Thatís how far along I am! 16 more weeks to go.


My friend Gina only has 8 more weeks left. 8 weeks! That is crazy insane. I wish I could see her. I find myself loving pregnant woman immensely these days, except for the really skinny ones who look all cute and perfect with their skinny bodies and nice big round bellys, their little belly button sticking out. I hate them. Okay, okay, I love them too, but I am envious. I wish I looked that cute. Oh well, we all have our lots in life and mine isnít to be one of those tiny cute skinny pregnant women. Mine is to be a big cute pregnant woman. Iím okay with that. Mostly.

I feel bad that all I think about and talk about these days is being pregnant. How boring. But I suppose thatís just how it goes. The Onion had this article a few months ago called ďPregnant Woman Acting Like No One Ever Got Pregnant BeforeĒ and it was so funny. That is how I feel! I am the first woman ever to be pregnant. Please act accordingly.

I would normally link to that onion article, but apparently you have to pay a subscription fee to access those archives. What a load.

Hey, speaking of pregnancy, on Saturday Phyllis (Gordonís mother) and my friends gave me a surprise baby shower. It was so fabulous and I had such a great time that I am frightened. A baby shower is such a girly thing and I loved it! (What is Ryland doing to me?) Iíve never had a surprise anything before. I felt embarrassed and weird but in a good way. It was such a neat experience. And Ry scored some awesome gifts. Surprise baby showers are awesome.

Tomorrow morning a moving company comes and picks up all my crap to haul it to Tucson for me. Then, on Tuesday, the 25th, we fly to AZ. It is all suddenly happening so fast. I feel like Iím in a whirlwind. The baby is getting bigger what seems like every single second, Iím leaving my job, all my stuff is boxed up, Iím going to Tucson in a week, so many goodbyes and hellos.

I hope Boston will miss me as much as Iíll miss it.

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May 14, 2004


The greatest movie in the history of the entire universe comes out today, the movie starring my two boyfriends Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, running around being all manly and tragic.

Throw Thom Yorke in there and you’ve got yourself a tidy little formula for turning miss cjm into a swooning puddle of goo.

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May 13, 2004

The Elusive Perfect Pillow.

I am on a Great American Quest for a Great American Pillow.

I donít know that means, but I do know that I need a good pillow, one that is firm and reliable and ideal for side sleepers and not made of bird feathers and costs less than $30. Iíve gone into some stores recently and perused their pillow selections, and I honestly do not understand why someone would buy a pillow, A PILLOW, for $150. I donít get it. Why? Why would someone do that? Could a pillow really be that fabulous? Because Iíd want a hell of a lot of action from a $150 pillow. Serious, hardcore action.

I believe that it is lack of decent pillow support that keeps me from getting a good nightís sleep. That and this damn baby rolling around inside me. I had to pee only around 9 hundred thousand times last night.

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May 10, 2004


So Iíve mostly enjoyed the comments section. It isnít quite the forum of deep thoughts and the exchange of ideas and information that I was hoping for, but overall, I like it. However, it has become a daily chore to go in and delete all the SPAM comments, if you can call it that, all those stupid, annoying ads and links to porn sites and penis enlargement pills.

Hmmm, funny how those two things seem to go hand in hand.

Anyway, Iím thinking about eliminating the comments. I donít know, maybe I wonít. It involves a lot of extra effort to take it away. It just bugs me, thatís all Iím saying.

You all should be pleased to know I did very well in school this past semester and even made the deanís list! To be honest, I donít know what that means exactly and considering it IS Emerson, it isnít a big deal, but I still feel very good about it. The dean made a list and Iím on it! yay!

Good grades make for a happy christa. Iím a nerd, what can I say.

In other news, the cost of renting a cargo van one-way to Tucson is looking to be much more expensive and troublesome than originally thought. Hrm.

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May 06, 2004

Back in Boston.

Well, Iím back in Boston now, after my brief jaunt to AZ and Coachella.

And honestly, I am tired of talking about Coachella, so if you wanna know about it, go talk to someone else who went. The most important things you should know about this music festival is: it was very very hot, there were 12 hundred million people and Thom Yorke is my boyfriend. Oh and also...fucking Jeff Tweedy.

I have to admit, Iím a little apprehensive about my move back to Tucson. Iím EXCITED, but nervous. There is a reason why I moved across the country and stayed here for 4+ years, and it isnít just because of school. I just hope that Iíve grown up enough to be able to handle being thisclose to my family again. I love them and Iíll be glad to have them around, as long as they donít make me too crazy. Especially when it comes to raising my son (I still giggle whenever I say ďmy sonĒ because it feels so surreal and delicious and foreign).

In case you havenít noticed, I have peculiar ways of living, loving and loafing and those ways arenít always agreeable to people, in particular my family. I am a bit ďoff-kilterĒ to them. I donít want anyone intruding on the way I parent. They all have their way and I have mine. I get enough grief about my lifestyle and the choices I make, and I wonít have that spilling over into my methods of childrearing. I will speak up and tell them to butt out if I have to, but I donít want it to come to that. My relationship with them has reached a very steady and nice balance by being farther away from them. The distance lets me live my life and do my thing and be the christa that I am, so this move and our sudden close proximity threatens that balance.

I am sure it will be fine. And Iíll only be there a year or so, because I have to come back to Boston to finish school. I can handle it for a year. Iíll be so busy with Rye that I wonít have time to worry about my family.

Itíll be great being around my friends, thatís for sure. It makes me very happy how excited and happy everyone is about Ryland. This boy already has so much love. It makes a girl happy.

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