I bought everything you sold me

Well I did it. I finally got a new car, nearly 6 months after the juke’s untimely demise.

It’s not new new. But it’s a 2023 and the newest fckn thing I’ve ever owned.

I’m not thrilled to have a car payment again I have to do a lot of finagling and curbing, but it’s nice to have my own car again. I was grateful to be able to share Ryland’s car, but it was time I grew up. Now I feel like a real person. Is the far culture in America loathsome and shameful? Yes. Do I love my car desperately? Yes. So I give a shit anymore about anything? No.

Sometimes I think “I don’t want to return this car back to the rental place” then I realize it’s mine mine all mine. Oh yeah, it’s a Mazda cx-5. I wanted the cx-30 actually; it was small and cute, like my sweet baby juke. But the dealership I bought it from only had two cx-30s available and neither one had a moonroof. I was unwilling to give that up so I just decided to move up a size to the cx-5. And now after driving it around for the past week, I see the benefits of a slightly large vehicle. It also has leather seats and really great tires (apparently, because people keep commenting on my rims and I barely even noticed who even cares about tires but boy do they look sharp).

Ain’t she pretty? A sort of slate blue grey color and she’s still squat and curvy like I like. I miss my juke but this is a nice distraction.

I got the weather mats and cargo liner. Now I just need my bruins license plate holder.

Ok ok ok enough about my dumb car.

What else what else. Former boys have returned, other boys have left again, too many wanting too much, and not enough of The One wanting more. Just give me all the drugs and let me watch bob’s burgers and crochet all night and day.

I have seen a couple of cool concerts so far this year and there are a handful more coming this summer and fall. Last year was hot heaux summer. This year might be hot heaux summer part duex. But for different reasons.

In sad news, Erik’s dog is about to die and I’m going over tomorrow to say my goodbyes. I got real close with that dog over the past few months and I am very sorry for him and his family. this is all just heartbreaking.

Good thing for me ginger is going to live forever and never die or get sick or have any heath problems ever. So I shall be spared this gut wrenching grief.

She the cutest sweetest bestest doggo ever.

We went for a nice easy little hike yesterday, out past red rocks, and she loved it. She wanted to go swimming so bad in the creek SO BAD, but the water was still real high and the current strong, I wasn’t letting her go. Also it’s a leash-only dog area.

God Colorado is beautiful.

I need money. I need lots of money.

Things I’ve done recently

I saw monkey man it was amazing and I will marry dev Patel

Also I went to crystal method and rabbit in the moon concert, by myself, and I had a great time and I danced all night and a girl even asked for my number. I gave it to her! But she never called or texted me. Kinda bummed.

And I know if I had gone with someone else I would not have had as much fun.

Went to the mall. a lot.

Oh. And had some Diet Coke.

Saw the partial eclipse. it was neat.

Did some other stuff.

Ready to maybe start again.

Or maybe not.

It’s a lot of work and not a lot of reward.

Reuniting with Riley this weekend.