The every

Look dave eggers wrote my name!

But the “hi Christa” part doesn’t really match the “hope this helps” part. So it’s probably more like a mcsweeny’s intern wrote my name.

In other news yes I did see John wick 4 and yes I loved it desperately and passionately and forever and yes I cried and yes I will watch it one million more times.

Why, god. why?

No matter what I do at the gym or what I eat, there remains an area of my body that refuses to change. Okay fine, I am a thick girl and I accept I will never be the kind of person who has thigh gap. but why WHY why does it have to be these flabby chunks of flesh and fat that haunt my every moment? I mean honestly. Just look at how big I had to draw that yellow box to cover up and hide the worst part of my legs.

And I specifically purchased my Mormon bathing costume to hide that part of my thighs! but the bottoms, which are more shorts than anything, still ride up to expose the terribleness.

I’m old enough and gross enough now that I shouldn’t care, right? That I should just go enjoy my time in the infrared sauna and who cares about my thighs and the rest of my sad middle-aged body. And I’ve become invisible to the world anyway, SO WHO CARES.

But I do. I don’t want to care but I do. I’m very vain.

So now I’m going to have to buy one of these bathing costumes, cause this won’t look at all weird or embarrassing at the gym.

I vote for this last one. Fun and flirty.

Tramps like us

Every Friday at 3pm mountain time (5pm Cleveland time) my three fave coworkers and I listen to Cleveland’s classic rock station for the weekend salute/traffic jam. They play these same four songs every week and nothing makes me happier.

  • Born to run
  • Beat goes on
  • Bang on the drum
  • My town

Born to run is my favorite obvsly but the whole block is just glorious and I never get tired of it.

In other news I’ve really done it now. Look at this fresh new hell I’ve created for myself

Meet nugget.

No rest for the wicked

I spent my Friday night falling asleep on the couch multiple times while watching alien and aliens.

Then I spent my Saturday night reading, until even my kindle couldn’t take how sad my life is and just shut off (battery died).

So I watched that Megan movie, which was sufficiently creepy.

And now I am spending my Sunday night taking care of a new puppy.