Can I keep it

I can’t keep it right. It’s a gift for someone else. But I won’t. I shouldn’t. I can’t.

No I’m not keeping it I’m not.

I should keep it right?

My boyfriend George, George glass, went all one for me this year.

I don’t feel much of anything for all these boys. Get cuddly and close and I’m running outta there so fast.

Vegas was crazy but I saw my good friend Dave who I adore and I went to Seattle where I saw the guys throw the fish and to this I say bc frr?t gross

Good Kuching.

Your name is christa

Boy 1 says this to you:

My heart is filled with joy when I’m with you.

Boy 2 says this to you:

I’m not very good at feeling confined with people for a long period of time.

So, which boy do you choose? The one who says his heart is filled with joy when he’s with you?

or the boy who says he feels confined being with you?

The choice is obvious of course.

Something good

I did something very impulsive today.

As you know, Alt-J is having a 10 yr anniversary tour of an awesome wave. Tickets for the show here in Denver are crazy expensive. Last I checked, around $300 a ticket.

But see, I don’t just like this album. I looooove this album. Wholly and deeply. Not even love. It’s a part of me. It lives in my bones.

fuck it I decide. I’m just gonna do it. I click over to buy it, but I realized they are here Nov 29, and I’ll be in stupid Vegas for work. ARGH.

then I was just kinda glancing at their other shows, out of boredom and a little depression. the tour pretty much wraps up after Denver. But I see there are three shows in a small-ish, 21+ venue in Seattle Dec 1-3. I looked at ticket prices. One ticket is only $89. Hmm. Isn’t that interesting. Seattle isn’t that far.

Then I checked fights. Cheap crappy flight, only $75 RT.


So I did it. I bought a ticket and a flight to Seattle for one day to see alt j.

I guess it’s not that crazy but it’s pretty crazy for me. I’m very excited. Fly in, see alt j, leave the next day.

It’s gonna be so great.

I considered Portland but since I’ll be there in late January for work I figured Seattle was the better choice. Plus the club is 21+ so no dummy kids.