The force is with me

While she may not look like it here, ginger is indeed on the side of the rebels: she’s chewing on her favorite toy, a soft squishy but evil stormtrooper. I mean her second favorite toy. Human flesh being her first.

Frigging dogs.

A nightmare comes

And it wants your soft human flesh.

I’m kidding. Mostly. Puppies have these sharp little piercing needles for teeth and it hurts.

But look how pretty and sweet she is when she isn’t trying to rip the skin from your bones.

Strange things are afoot at the circle k

It was about 95° today. that is very hot especially for September.

But now a storm is rolling in. The temp has dropped about 40° already and snow is expected to start falling by morning.

Just in time, too, because tomorrow is the first day back at school for in-person learning. Because OF COURSE IT IS.

Is that Mother Nature telling me I should not have chosen to sent them back to school? Probably.

Oh well. And also I forgot to get our winter stuff from storage. Oh well.

Look 2020 has been rough and I’m just a person here, trying to get through this crazy world.

But I did manage to bring my lemon tree and other plants inside, so we are okay there, don’t worry.

Here’s a picture of ginger because I love her and I take a thousand pictures a day:

Okay fine, one more: