-I woke up from a sexy dream in the middle of the night last night. Thought about masturbating. Did not. I regret this.

-I never got a book deal from Twitter, because I was never very good at Twitter. I regret this.

-I didn’t fix my broken car window and now I’m out of extra money. I regret this.

-I am out of extra money. I regret this.

-I never ended up going to London and Ireland this year. I regret this.

-I did not drink enough water yesterday or the day before or the day before that. I regret this.

-I bought a bunch of shit from QVC. I regret this. Well I kind of regret this. I regret some of it. Okay never mind I don’t regret any of it.

-I told someone once how I felt about them. I regret this.

-I bought some winter boots that were too small and I procrastinated too long and now I can’t return them anymore. I regret this.

-I waited too long to do car registration renewal and the late fee was more than the registration fee. I regret this.

-I had a tumor removed from my liver and now I feel all alone in this cold empty world. I didn’t know it then, but that tumor was my friend. My liver is sad. I regret this.

-You were mean to me. I regret this.

Bye bye birdie

I visited Twitter tonight for the first time in a while and omg it’s so fantastic. Pure chaos. A deranged amusement park.

The titantic jokes are great. The many many Elon musk jokes are even better. Impossible to get enough.

I have loved and hated Twitter lo these many years. And now, as we watch it go down, I find it both sad and delightful. It was a cesspool but also so funny. So so funny.

Bruins and Germans

Watching the bruins right now. It reminds me of being in Boston, warm and snug at home, watching the bruins, with the snow falling outside. Makes me nostalgic.

I actually love living in Colorado, this is a pretty amazing state. I think I might even be here for the long haul. but I sure do miss Massachusetts.

Although denver has one thing Boston doesn’t. the christkindl market. some German group here hosts it every year. It is my absolute favorite I love it so much. I would stay here just for that.

It’s not a tumor!

Okay it is a tumor.

But not a cancerous one!

The pathology report said a lot of things I didn’t understand but basically… it’s not malignant and I am fine. The biopsy from my stomach was also negative. So I guess I just have a troublesome liver and a fussy stomach? I dunno. Maybe it’s all the garbage food I am constantly shoveling in my mouth? Nah probably not.

The recovery has kinda sucked. I’ve never had surgery like this before. There’s a general soreness, but it’s not that. it’s the gas, you see. Cause they pumped me full of a bunch of air, to make room for the surgeon to see and maneuver around.

And that air takes several days to work its way out, and holy moley is it uncomfortable. It’s mostly all gone now, but a little bit still lingers. I feel it in my upper chest and shoulder, especially when I take a deep breath or lay on my side. It’s getting better though. And it’s all perfectly normal.

Cancer does not run in my family (lots of other health issues but not that). And I was never really worried that it was cancer. But you know, I’m old and this is when bad health things start happening. so I did have a little bit of concern.

But I’m fine and I got some good painkillers, so it all worked out in the end.