Puppy picture time

Haven’t posted any pictures lately of lady ginger the princess puppy of deer creek.

Here is one of her sweet little puppy paws that i want to eat.

Here she is playing in the snow a few days ago. She is 5 months old and gets bigger every day.

Her puppy DNA test says she’s part american staffordshire terrier (which is basically a pit bull), part boxer and part white swiss shepherd (huh?).

But she is 100% cute and I love her and kiss her and squeeze her till she explodes.

Oh and she is very happy about the good guys winning and thinks everyone should rub her belly in celebration.

A win is a win

I was very despondent Tuesday and Wednesday. Even with a win, I felt like we failed.

I wanted a resounding victory. Control of the senate. A complete and total shaming of the Republican party. I wanted a landslide. A blue tsunami. The American people saying “we have had enough.” Show the world that we fucked up four years ago but were gonna fix it now.

That didn’t happen. In fact, the opposite kind of happened. We were creamed down-ballot. And even as it became clearer and clearer that we were gonna win the big one, it still hurt. Really hurt.

Today was much better. I’ve calmed down considerably. Clearly we are going to win this. And he’s going to take the popular vote by at least five million. So the majority of American people DID say enough is enough. Republicans who can’t stand him voted our way (and then of course went down the ballot to stay loyal to their shitty party).

I am not going to move. This is my country. They don’t get to push me out. That’s what they want! For us to give up. No. Let racism and white nationalists win? No. We stay and we fight and we work to change. We did the right thing and voted this motherfucker out and now it’s time to put in the work.

one thing is certain. I do not and will not make space for Trump voters. Democrats (white democrats) now lecturing us that we have to pay attention to these assholes? That we need to give credence to their voices, all these “working class” voters who continue coming out in droves for trump?

Fuck that.

we owe this win to BIPOC. And in particular black and latino women. It is a slap in the face to now ask us to welcome these racists, have them sit next to us, to try and understand their anger and learn what they want. A slap in the face and a kick in the tits and a punch in the ovaries.

But I suppose I am being unreasonable here. After all, they just want the simple things… jobs, and health care, and money; a decent life for them and their kids. and all without having to give those same opportunities to BIPOC. That isn’t too much to ask. So why are we being such cunts about it? God.