Remember this amazing fucking song and listening to it four hundred times in a row and gliding around your room in slow motion and the song dripping like honey all around you

Or remember this one, you’re wet, you’re drenched your pussy just opening opening opening, crawling through the floors chasing the note, the line, the wave, vibrating, heavy heavy, riding that edge

Or let’s float in space and we won’t even feel it when the stars prick our skin like little jellyfish we are the ocean the sea the space the stars the sand the deep deep dark spin sink rise float

Which song wins? all great songs but tonight, tonight I am in a dirty buzzing hip grinding mood. a summer storm made its way through. the wind, the lightning, the thunder, hairs on end. The air is still thick and humid and I love it

Fight club soundtrack it is.

Commere single serving jack, nice and easy

calm down you’re killing me


This song by Taylor swift with my ?? bon iver is my favorite thing right now and I AM NOT ASHAMED. I don’t care what you think of me.

He’s from my hometown you know.

iPads keyboards and bears oh my

I found an unused Bluetooth keyboard in my junk box of electronics and it works with my iPad so now I can type instead of tap and it’s pretty exciting. It’s so much easier to get my thoughts out on a keyboard than tapping on a screen.

So between loafe, the writing club I joined, and now having a keyboard that works with my iPad, I have NO EXCUSES not to be writing more.

I have been writing really bad poetry lately, so that’s great, too.

2020 may have just been the soul crushing nightmare I needed to get me back on my literary legs.

In case you were curious

Here are my favorite Star Wars movies in order:

-Star Wars

-Rogue One

-Empire Strikes Back

-Force Awakens

-Mandalorian (not a movie I know)

-Last Jedi

-Return of the Jedi

-Rise of skywalker

-Everything else. (I don’t watch the clone wars.)

Also: none of this is opinion. It’s all fact.

Also: sometimes rogue one and empire switch places depending on the time of day.