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June 17, 2004

the email situation.

Okay, so it does appear that my email is not working right but I am busy fixing it so everyone be patient. I’ve been told any messages I’ve been sent are still there, so hang in there! c-love to come shortly.

Posted by christa at June 17, 2004 02:54 PM


How did the interview go?????????

Posted by: Tiffany at June 17, 2004 06:48 PM

I am going to make tortillas now!

Posted by: gina at June 17, 2004 07:01 PM

oops, I crapped my pants.

Posted by: Morgan at June 18, 2004 01:11 PM

Have you seen any dogs in Arizona? Have any barked at you or someone you were standing near? If a dog barked at you, what kind of dog was it?

I have not seen many dogs here in this state. Dogs exist.

Posted by: Eiji Musashi Yoshikawa at June 19, 2004 03:16 AM

christa sista i tried to call you the other night
and left a message. did you get my phone call
message or is your answering maching not working
as well? haa haa ...just kidding. i so funny.
anyway, mum's phone gets free long distance, so
i'll try to call again sometime this week. let me
know when a good time is..EST that ya

Posted by: Neely at June 19, 2004 02:52 PM

Umm - I have been hanging in here for a long time, and no EMAIL from you! Send your address so I can send your package!!!!

Posted by: gina at June 21, 2004 10:08 PM


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