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November 01, 2004

Pea in the Pod.

That was Rylandís first Halloween costume. A pea in the pod. He looked very cute, OF COURSE. We didnít go trick or treating or anything, because heís way too young, but it was fun to dress him up and stuff.

In a week and a half, weíre off to Boston!

Home of the world champion Red Sox. Believe it or not.

Posted by christa at November 1, 2004 03:18 PM


To all those loafe readers who can vote,

Please do. For the sake and sanity of all of us outside the US.

I don't think I can stand another 4 years of patronising, egotistical, dumbed-down politics, whether it be from George W. Bush or Michael Moore.

C'mon Christa, get your readers voting...

Write to you soon by the way.

From a loafe reader who can't vote.

Posted by: Simon at November 1, 2004 09:18 PM

Glad Ryland had a good first Halloween, Christa and thank you for passing along your condolences about my mom. I'm holding up okay, something like this makes you realize just how strong you really are. I had a good Halloween, well atleast a good Halloween Eve. Dressed up as a slutty, devil girl and hit up a party, where apparently half a dozen other girls had the idea to be slutty devil girls as well, ahhhhhhhh well...... but on actual Halloween I got stood up, stupid boys! my reccomendation is not to fall for your barista. Now I gotta find a new damn coffeeshoppe. So far as voting, i'm scared.... got a bad feeling in my gut so far as how I think it's gonna turn out, but i'm definitely going and puting my vote in for Kerry! and just hope for the best. God Bless America!

Posted by: celly belly at November 1, 2004 11:30 PM

Your little guy looks so much like you already I think.He is a mini me!
THe pea constume was soo cute!

Posted by: Fi at November 3, 2004 05:20 AM


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