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August 24, 2004

At long last...

On August 19th, at 8:41pm Tucson time, the most precious baby in all the wide world finally made his appearance.

My sweet little pumpkin was born Thursday night, weighing an adorable 7lbs and measuring a lovely 19 inches. For pictures you can visit him here. The password for access is madrid.

Although he came two weeks before my due date, he is a full-term baby, albeit a small one. I guess he was ready to see me before I was ready! I was in the early stages of labor all day and night on Wednesday, but I just couldnít believe it; I thought I just had really bad constipation! What a dork I am.

I wonít go into any great detail about the labor right now, because I am tired and Ryland is starting to stir, but I will say this much: it was hard and it hurt and it took a lot out of me, even with the epidural. But it was the single most rewarding, fulfilling and beautiful experience of my life and I wouldnít trade it for anything. Giving birth is just so unbelievable, so overwhelming, so empowering that I donít think I could ever describe it in the right words. I feel so different now, completely disconnected from the person I was before. I feel proud and elated and happy.

It?s funny, because I believe now that everything that has occurred in my life, every good thing, every bad thing, every seemingly inconsequential thing, were all leading me to this very moment, where I have him. He is the sweetest most perfect thing I can imagine and I wonder what I did to deserve him.

I look at him and there is so much love in me, it hurts. It hurts me, I love him so much. I am terrified because now he isnít safe inside me, heís out in the world and we all know how cruel this place can be, and I can only do so much to protect him.

I wish I could relive the pregnancy and the labor and birth over and over again.

There is so much more I need to say about this, but the little one is ready for some grub.

By the way, each one of my breasts weighs more than he does.

Posted by christa at August 24, 2004 04:37 PM


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