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July 21, 2004

crazy whoremoans.

hahaha! get it? I said whoremoans instead of horomones. I am so funny.

Anyway, I am feeling much better today than I was the other day. Despite the fact that I am unbelievably hot and sticky and tired and a little bit constipated. Everything is gonna work out just fine and I need to just remind myself there is a reason why I ended up back in Tucson. Right? Right.

I really don’t like being constipated though.

You know, even before I was pregnant, my vagina was always pretty warm. That area just radiates heat, which I suppose is a good thing. But ever since I got pregnant, my crotch has gone from being merely warm to the hot fiery burning core of the earth. I expect to start bubbling over with hot magma anytime now. I am not sure if this is normal pregnancy behavior or what, but I do know that if you’re not careful I could burn you with my Hot Crotch.

You’d think I’d have something else to talk about besides being pregnant, wouldn’t you? But you’re wrong. I have nothing else to talk about. Nothing. My life pretty much consists of me reading pregnancy books, thinking about the baby, rubbing my belly, remembering the past 7 months of pregnancy, pondering labor, reading yet more baby books and magazines, watching baby shows on TV, looking for people to listen to me talk about my pregnancy, dreaming about babies and moaning and complaining about how uncomfortable I am. It sound incredibly boring and annoying, but I like it. I do wish I had more unemployed friends who would hang out with me during the day and go to the movies with me and basically find ways to entertain me. All this baby/pregnancy obsession can’t possibly be healthy.

Posted by christa at July 21, 2004 05:29 PM


Nah, we love hearing all your pregnancy stories, even if it it graphic details of your sinhole.

Posted by: Jamie at July 22, 2004 05:41 PM

So long as you dont become one of those women who can ONLY talk about their baby and not realize that other people (especially those without kids) cant relate and quite honestly, dont care. If you DO, i'll have to fly to Tucson and beat you about the head and neck personally :-) heehee... I cant believe you're living in Arizona, UGH! between the heat and hormones, you're doing better then I would be. Love ya, girlygirl! HANG IN THERE!!! now go rent yourself some gay porn and kick back and relax, you deserve it!

Posted by: celly belly at July 22, 2004 08:44 PM

Honestly, Christabell, I'm not sure the pregnancy is to blame for your overheated cooter. You're living in Tuscon, and it's late July. Under similar circumstances, even MY vagina would be hot, and I'm a guy, for fuck's sake.

Posted by: Jonathan at July 25, 2004 05:52 PM


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