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March 03, 2004


holy happy blueline batman!

The Bruins just picked up Sergei Gonchar and I am ecstatic. They didn’t even have to give up a whole heck of a lot for him. I liked Shaone Morrisonn and he has a lot of potential, but damn it we have Gonchar now and the effing Leafs do not. So HA! His plus-minus could be better, but he has what, 50 points? I will take that any old day.

Oh I am very happy about this, very very happy.

Also, I keep finding dirty scumbags posting ADVERTISEMENTS on my comments section. How annoying is that? Take your penis enlargements and casino come ons and put ’em up your ass.

Posted by christa at March 3, 2004 01:20 PM


Ummm, hello? Why are you posting on loafe but you're not online? That's it. You officially suck. I might forgive you, though.


Oh, who am I kidding? I love you!!!!!!!!! You're forgiven.

Posted by: Tiffany at March 3, 2004 01:33 PM

this is an actual email I just got...


I took the only one pijll of Cialgs and that was such a GREAT weekend!

All the girls at the party were just punch-drungk with my potentiagl
I have fged all of them THREE times but my dgck WAS able to do some more!
Cgalis - it`s COOL!!! The best weekend stuff I've ever trgied! Haven`t you tgried yet?

Posted by: Morgan Montgomery Schlaline at March 3, 2004 06:32 PM

That reminds me of most parties that I attend.

Posted by: Pernicious at March 3, 2004 11:07 PM

Posted by: DG at March 4, 2004 09:20 AM


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