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February 19, 2004


Guess who is going to the most exciting music festival in the whole entire world? One certain lovely and amazing loafe proprietor that we all adore (that would be me).

I could never possibly describe the joy that this event will bring me. Well I suppose I could, but mere words cannot do justice. That is why I have prepared a dance that embodies all of the emotion involved in my attendance of the Coachella Valley Music Festival. (Those of you unfortunate enough to not know me in my 3D life do not get to see this dance. Those of you unfortunate enough to know me in my 3D life do get to see this dance.)

Did you look at that line up? DID YOU? I go to that site everyday and I still twitch uncontrollably as I read over the musicians appearing. I donít even know who some of those people are much less what they play, and donít you just love it? Can you think of a more fabulous festival? Because I certainly cannot. I mean honestly...Wilco AND Radiohead AND the Pixies AND the Flaming Lips AND Basement Jaxx AND the Crystal Method AND Air AND and and and!?!!

I die now; I die and go to Coachella heaven.

Posted by christa at February 19, 2004 03:16 PM


My bosses favorite band, except for his own band,
Voodoopilot ( is the Black Keys. Even they are on the line up. You are so fortunate. Good for you Loafey girl!!!!!

Posted by: DG at February 19, 2004 04:21 PM


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