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December 31, 2003

The Sky is a Landfill.

There is no class anymore. I mean truly, just no class. I am not classy. Christa and class are not familiar friends. I am crude and rude, full of slacker carelessness. But I know what class is, what it means, and where it is woefully absent. I look around and I see nothing with class. Not any more. And honestly, it floors me.

I am the first in line to be classless! But when I see Tom Brokaw on Conan, making jokes about Paris Hiltonís sex video (or is it plural now?), I want to curl into a ball and writhe and wait for release, pure sweet release, please please, just give it to me, I am only human.

Can you imagine Walter Cronkite cracking one-liners about the dirty sex lives of his contemporaries? Christ in a bucket, James Earl Jones, the supposed paradigm of good taste, is selling PHONE TIME and ďdancingĒ about it on national television. The only way to make John Wayne a shill? Wait till he dies, resurrect him in celluloid, and then begin administering the rape and degradation of his image. How fabulous! How perfectly delightful! The American Way! What dead celebrity can we next envision hawking televisions and cars and shoes and makeup and toys?

What does this say to you? No. Really. Letís think about it. What is this telling you?

It tells me there is no grace left in this world. Can it be true?

Iím only looking for a little. Itís all I need. All we need. Is there no one left to inspire us?

Hereís a novel idea. Letís honor integrity. Let us start immediately, today, right now. When I see Tom Brokaw peddling the wares of the classless, greedy media weíve crowned King of America...well, weíve got precious little integrity remaining. Once itís gone, weíve nothing left. Nothing at all.

Posted by christa at December 31, 2003 01:17 PM


"I'd buy that for a dollar" (From Robocop), Those sentiments I mean... DG

Posted by: DG at January 3, 2004 02:19 PM

John Wayne was a repeated shill while he was alive - for Laramie cigarettes I believe. You can watch a documentary about it here:

Posted by: Jonathan Rouse at January 5, 2004 05:31 PM

I stand corrected. I should do my research before ranting! Thank you, JR.

I hope my point is still understood.

And you know, no matter what products John Wayne promoted when he was alive, I won't ever be able to see him as something less than classy. In fact...his shilling for Laramie cigarettes almost pleases me.

Posted by: christa at January 5, 2004 08:52 PM

Dead celebrity I just saw in a commercial last night: Judy Garland for M&Ms.

Who knows what things she endorsed when she was alive, but I doubt it was candy.

Posted by: christa at January 6, 2004 09:49 AM


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