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December 12, 2003

happiness and cheer.

Based on feedback regarding my new look here at loafe, it seems like it is ace! Iím ace! Did ya hear that? I AM ACE.

Ace! As in swell. As in Ace. like, ace ace baby, too cold.

okay, Iíll stop.

So you know, I sort of miss coming up with a quotation. And itís only been one day. How lame is that.

Tonight is my companyís annual christmas party. I love annual christmas parties. Mostly, I love the free alcohol.

I generally like this time of year. I like the smells and the colors and the warmness and egg nog and presents and lights and everything so sparkly, etc. But there are definite things I hate about this time of year, mainly: the lexus and kay jewelers commercials. I complain about them every year, because every year they make me want to claw my eyes out and shove hot pokers into my ears. And not just to myself, but everyone around me as well.

Regarding my links over there at the right, I thought Iíd say a few words about why I chose each one. Be aware that these links will change as my mood sees fit... This site is great for news stories, top articles, etc. and to see what is hot hot hot on the Internet. Itís all in list format to boot! And as you all know, I like my web sites like I like my sex: no-frills and easy access. Daypop fits the bill all the way.

crazy stephanie a: Stephanie is one cool chick. I donít really know her very well, because sheís a stranger and lives in Phoenix and stuff, but sheís swell and sheís funny and sheís talented and sheís goofy and I like all those things in a person. She has a lot of creativity and a lot of motivation and she is the person maybe I wish I could be, if I werenít so incredibly lazy. She would be my friend if we lived in the same city, I am sure of it. It isnít just some delusional thought of mine, shut up.

picture phones = FUN: My friend Dave runs this site. Dave is so silly and fun and he makes me laugh and his pictures and captions make me laugh and heís smart and kinda crazy. He helps me with things that I donít understand and he plays a mean game of Scrabble. He makes a lot of money. He says things that most people are afraid to say. And he can be such a jerk. What more could a girl want?

flip flop flyiní: I would say this site is my Internet crush. My site loves this site. It is very creative and original and the guy who handles it seems like such a top notch guy. Ace in fact! ACE! Okay, so if youíre wondering where all this ďaceĒ talk is coming from, I saw it in one of my favorite movies, 28 Days Later, and ever since then I kept thinking of how I could start incorporating that into my vocabulary without sounding like a dumbass. Then I realized that would never happen. Iím just a stupid american, so the dumbass part is pretty much inevitable. So Iíve given myself the okay to ace away.

sea of humanity: You know, I am not exactly sure how I stumbled on to this site. I think I was doing a search for something somewhere. Anyway, I took a few moments to read through it. It made me laugh and I could sense a lot of anger and hostility. But not in a ďIím such a macho badass, Iím gonna kick your motherscratching ass, donít you look at my girlfriend like thatĒ way but in a christa way, you know, with all the hating and the seething, but very quietly, on the inside.

older loafe entries: And older loafe entries are duhÖolder loafe entries. I figured I should put a link to those, for the people who love to go back and reread all my wonderful words (that should be all of you). For super duper way old loafe entries, visit this archive.

Posted by christa at December 12, 2003 05:05 PM


AOL had this pole on their website. These are the results. I was shocked to see the results. I feel old.

How should the morning-after pill be sold?
Over the counter 66%
Only with a prescription 19%
It shouldn't be available at all 15%

Do you consider using the morning-after pill to be abortion?
No 74%
Yes 26%
Total Votes: 104,440

This pole is a result of the FDA considering next week whether or not to make the morning after pill available over the counter. Isn't this kinda dangerous? Makes me nervous. Maybe I am just getting old.

Posted by: Neely at December 12, 2003 11:50 PM

Ahhh.. You have been reading the Sea. Don't think we haven't noticed.


Posted by: Pernicious at December 13, 2003 02:57 PM

ah ha! pernicious! That's how I found his site! I did a search on the word "pernicious" (because it's a great word and I love it ever so much) and the results led me to sea of humanity.

yay! we figured it out!

also: I think that the morning-after pill should be sold over the counter. There are enough unwanted children in this world. When it comes to sex, we cannot rely on people's sense of responsiblity. If we make it easily accessible and readily available, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble down the road.

Posted by: christa at December 15, 2003 01:21 PM


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