Why does it have to be 3:20am?

And why do I have to be awake for it?

And why won’t my goddamn images work on this goddamn site.

And do I hate love or do I love love? Do I think I’m capable of love or do I think love is a fucking joke?

Will jilling it right now make me feel better or worse?

Why won’t you write back? I’ve written to you a hundred times and you just don’t write back. why? why won’t you write back? it makes me so sad, doesn’t it make you sad too? We had a thing, you and I. And I thought we would always always always be always. I hate being wrong. but mostly, I just want to know you’re happy, I want to see the happy, I want to feel your happiness in my bones.

And why am I still awake? I need a bedtime story. No one left to tell me one.

And where is the snow already? For Pete’s sake. Dec 2nd and still no snowstorms? ??