You got me in a heady drop

I love the John Wick movies, they are among my top favorites. Keanu, the music, the lighting and atmosphere, Keanu, the violence-as-art, the mythology, the clothes, the subtle symbolism, Keanu.

My favorite scene/death might just be from the first movie, in the Red Circle club sequence. There is one particular kill he does that just gets me and if I had to die by jobn wick’s hand, I would want it to be in this manner:

He sneaks up on you, pushes you against the wall. covers your mouth with his hand. Plunges his knife deep inside you, his eyes locked with yours as you sink down, your life draining away… your light, your light…

It’s not supposed to be sexy right? But jeez. JEEZ. I can’t help it. Keanu is sexy as sexy can be and with the way it’s filmed, that music, the blue light, the whole mood? Well it just absolutely consumes me.

I know I know. I shouldn’t find violence sexy. We shouldn’t make it feel artistic or beautiful or redemptive.

What can I say. The body wants what it wants.

Ooohh here’s a good fuck marry kill game (only in this version it’s who would I want to fuck me, marry me or kill me): John Wick, Jason Bourne, Aragorn.

I’m going to dream about this tonight. I’ll have my answer tomorrow.