Life has gotten weird

Day 12? Day 2? Day 725? Who knows. Who cares.

These emergency alerts from my state government are so fckn surreal.

Also, the US will soon pass all other countries for total cases of infection. And according to accounts from the ground, our death toll is considerably higher. Healthcare workers in NYC are reporting many more deaths from pneumonia and its complications, people who aren’t and won’t be tested. And dipshit in chief reports his response as a 10/10. You can hide numbers and withhold testing but the bodies are piling up. Where are you going to hide those, #45?

Just when I think I have reached the ceiling of my rage, I learn that it was a ceiling under a ceiling under another ceiling. I do not think there will be an end.

I need to finish my impeachment hunks calendar so I can start on my global pandemic hunks calendar. 2020 is so busy with hunks!