Spelling dialysis is a pain

Way harder than having to do dialysis. Spelling it or having to sit there while some machine filters my blood for me? EASY CHOICE.

My motherdotcom starts dialysis monday. 3x week, four hours a pop. For the rest of ever.

It makes me really fucking depressed. Where are my cupcakes.

Cupcakes is code for cookies.

Cookies is code for pharmaceuticals.

I need a new scrip for cookies yo.

Actually cupcakes will be fine. Buttercream frosting please. And an eegees slush. PiƱa colada. Thanks.

And some drugs.

Thanks. If you do this for me
Jesus I will say nice things about you.

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7 thoughts on “Spelling dialysis is a pain

  1. Fi

    Did I miss something – what’s this about dialysis?? Bit of a shocker that one. :(

    I know the feeling too well about the tight pants. Since my last kiddo nothing wants to budge (and he is 2 and a half).


  2. DG

    Ive been waiting for clarification… but there hasnt been… are you this patient and why …. are you going to be OK whats up???

  3. Fi

    I know!!!Christa we need to know. I have been reading loafe for years and I care in a strange I don’t know you but Ive been following your life in random snapshots kinda way. It sounds really serious.

  4. DG

    So sad about your mother Ill pray to the goddess for you…and her… Loafe filled one of the many wholes in my heart at many times during wild and critical parts of my life. I am thankful to you in enduring me these many years. I am sure i speak for all loafies when I say I LOVE YOU CJM!!! Thanks so much for these years of LOAFE!!!