G needs a bailout

Whenever G bugs me for sex and I’m not in the mood, I tell him “Oh I can’t. I’m sorry. Not in this economy. We’ll reevaluate when things start to pick up again…” My favorite is, “You want a what? In this economy? are you kidding? G, there are no jobs in this economy. No jobs at all. I’m sorry. It’s not me, it’s the economy. There are just no jobs available. Better luck next time.”

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6 thoughts on “G needs a bailout

  1. christa Post author

    That makes perfect sense jonathan. Whenever I don’t feel like having sex, it’s perfectly logical and aceeptable for gordon to go fuck someone else. because god forbid a man doesn’t get to put his dick somewhere whenever he feels like it, right?

    you don’t wanna have sex tonight, c? okay, I’m gonna go have sex with someone else. that’ll teach you not to want to fuck me on demand.

  2. Jonathan

    not “whenever he feels like it,” but certainly if you’re constantly denying him sex & it’s a common enough occurrence to merit a catchphrase & blog post, yes. 100% yes. If you’re not interested in him sexually, he should absolutely & without question be free to find someone who is. Do you not read Dan Savage?

  3. christa Post author

    I don’t read dan savage.

    so tell me then, what is the magic number? of acceptable sexual activity so as to prevent him having sex with someone else? and who gets to set that number? him? me? dan savage?

    I am not saying that g should or shouldn’t go have sex with someone else. i’m just saying when he wants it and I don’t, I make jokes like “not in this economy”. because it’s funny. to me anyway. and really, that’s the only thing that matters.

  4. Jonathan

    Anyone’s free to cheat on their significant other at any time; I guess all we’re discussing is whether or not he’d be in the moral clear to do so. It’s hard to put a specific number on a pattern of pervasive behavior, but for the sake of argument, let’s say 60% of the time. If more than one out of every two times your s.o. wants to have sex with you (whether they’re male or female, don’t try to make this about “god forbid a man doesn’t get to… blah blah blah”), then you should both re-evaluate what you want from the relationship. Holding someone’s sex life prisoner is a cruel trick.

  5. DG

    But it is cruelty that is the spice of life….especially when Christa thinks its funny …..delicious!!!