Oh my sweet caroline.

I’m watching the “republican response” to the state of the union address. who picked this Virginia guy? and why did everyone laugh when he said “facebook and twitter”? People are so annoying.

And this guy is a tool. I want to punch him in his doughy white face. I like that they have a black lady there in the background and the asian dude too. “we’re diverse! see?? she’s black! he’s asian! they are on stage with me!!” oohh, and when talking about education for everyone not based on zip code and the camera cuts to a black kid–haha so awesome. his entire “response” is exactly what Obama called an end to: soundbites and playground namecalling. good work, repubs. good work.

who the fuck is this guy? seriously? this is who you pick to “respond”? for reals? and bringing up Scott Brown? tool tool tool.

say something about the damn state of the union not your dumb lame boring rote talking points.

oohhh I loved the reaction shot of all the military guys when obama said he was gonna repeal the don’t ask don’t tell policy this year. it made me supremely happy.

I love you Obama. always and forever.

also I feel the desire to punch pelosi in the face. I don’t know why, her constant blinking that smug grin I don’t know I just wanna punch her sometimes.

all night long I was making fun of everyone standing up every three seconds to clap. it drives me mental. stop standing and stop clapping. it’s okay to just sit quietly and respectfully listen. you’re gonna break your old brittle bones, people. just sit down already.

5 thoughts on “Oh my sweet caroline.

  1. Marianne

    You know, it’s funny, Chris and I had basically this exact conversation while watching the response. I wish you had been here. Now I’m sad.

  2. gina

    i wish i cared more. it’s all lame. i find all politicians annoying.

    your comments were funny though :)

  3. brasten

    SOTU responses are stupid. How could you possibly respond to anything with any depth after it was just said? It’s naturally going to end up being “whatever he said is wrong.” So dumb.

    Minority parties shouldn’t do responses on the same day. Give it a few days, call a press conference and do your own response then, with actual relevant points.