12 Men of Christmas

Luke Wilson not fat.

Luke Wilson before AT&T. Not fat.

Luke Wilson fat

Luke Wilson after AT&T. Conclusion: AT&T makes you fat.

Luke Wilson’s looking awfully pudgy and pasty in these new AT&T commercials he’s shilling for, and my question is: why aren’t people harassing him all over the streets and fields for his weight gain? If he was a lady, he’d be skewered. this world is a lousy schmuck.

I’ve really been enjoying words with “k” in them. The k is so underrated.

In other entertainment news, it’s just been announced: the Black Eyed Peas are performing at the grand opening celebration of Panera Bread in Raynham, MA, followed by a performance at The Silver Side Galleria in Taunton, and then capping the night with an appearance at Rebecca Finkelstein’s bat mitzvah in Mansfield.

Those guys are sure busy!

11 thoughts on “12 Men of Christmas

  1. gina

    this is very timely, because i just told people at work this very same thing. i was wondering if i was the only one who noticed luke wilson’s lack of hotness.

  2. Marianne

    See also: Mike Huckabee, Keith Olbermann and many other examples I can’t think of right now….. it is one of the more damnable thing about the state of things right now…. when men gain weight, it’s a non-story. When women gain (or lose) weight, it is goddamn headline news.

  3. christa Post author

    Get this! In an attempt to see if anyone else noticed Luke Wilson’s weight gain, I came across a site that did comment on it. But not in a negative or judgmental way. It was the opposite! They in fact were saying they could totally understand why he would gain weight (his brother’s suicide attempt) and they even said he still looked cute. They defended him and continued to compliment him.

    Of course it was a fan site for Luke Wilson populated by girls, and girls are less judgmental about this thing WHEN IT COMES TO MEN. They are vicious and petty when it comes to other women gaining weight.

  4. Marianne

    Well, and I figure Keith Olbermann might be mourning his mother, who died fairly recently, and that is probably why he is gaining weight, but the point is, that if they were women it wouldn’t matter a good goddamn what was going on in their lives, the weight gain would simply be inexcusable. Did anyone question what hard times Jessica Simpson may have been having when headlines were blaring on about her weight gain? Of course not.

  5. Not Jonathan

    I’m mourning how delicious the peanut butter filled chocolate covered donut at Stan’s Donuts in Westwood is. God I miss that donut. If it were here right now, I’d tell it all the things that I never got the chance to say when we were together. And then I’d eat it.

    And cry.

  6. gina

    I was fully expecting to see 12 witty post about this holiday season, but alas, it is this same luke wilson post. btw, he seems to be getting fatter in each subsequent at&t commercial. just an observation.

  7. christa Post author

    that would have been a good idea. but I’m way too lazy to actually follow through on such a premise.

    I can’t believe I last posted on Dec 6th. I meant to post more often. but then I got crazy busy at work. Like, really crazy busy. my first two weeks back were insane.

    now i’m off for two weeks.

    then i have to go back.

    stupid lousy jobs and needing money for shit. I enjoy not working so very much.