Fake plastic watering cans

Yesterday at the farm where we got our pumpkins, I was walking around with the baby when an old lady came up to me to tell me that Nicholas had a perfectly shaped head. I think it was her nice old-lady way of telling me my kid was ugly.

We got some good pumpkins and I ate about 19 homemade donuts that I’m still dreaming about today.

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7 thoughts on “Fake plastic watering cans

  1. celly belly

    I cant believe you have two kids, wow! hell, I dont even have a cat, for cryin out loud! I mean, I can barely care for myself. Anyway, very cute! all my girlfriends have babies, so I just sort of live vicariousely thru their stories. Finding out I was gonna have to get a hysterectomy in my 30’s, pretty much blew having kids out of the water. It’s one thing to make the conscious choice not to have them, it’s another thing when you know you cant! to make up for it I plan on being one of those women who have the little doggies you can dress up, so it will sort of be like my faux baby. How utterly sad and pathetic is that? I wont really start to worry till i’m pushing it in a baby stroller around town. :-P

  2. celly belly

    You’re so lucky you got two boys, by the way. That was always my dream to have two little boys. Kind of like Wally and the Beaver :-)

  3. christa Post author

    dude, that fucker is always skinny. he ate as many donuts on me. don’t do nothin to him. fucker.

    well you know CB, kids kind of suck. they’re great and all, but they suck.

    I think that if you push your dogs around in strollers I will die a happy girl.

    as for wally and beaver… well, i wish we had another beaver around these here hills.