Question of the day: soda or suicide?

I have a hole in my pocket and I just put all my coins in it to go get a soda and they all fell out. I considered suicide. But I made my slow hippo way to my knees and collected them all and then somehow managed to get back up.

So I guess soda is the answer. But I’m sitting here thinking maybe I should have chosen suicide.

Curses! Foiled again by root beer.

Here’s something weird. I’m at my desk doing work and the song “black book” by Stephen Malkmus pops into my head. I start singing it out loud. The black book you took was permanently diversified…

Then I decide to listen to my iPod. Not to hear that song specifically but just to hear something. So I put on my headphones, turn the ipod on and set it to shuffle. Go ahead. Guess what the first song is? BLACK BOOK!!! Thousands of songs to play and it picks the very exact song I was just singing. That isn’t even my favorite song.


One thought on “Question of the day: soda or suicide?

  1. DG

    That happens all the time… Ill be talking about a place and a song… the next day ill be at a place and here the song!!??

    I thought it was like the government tapping into my brain!!
    Or jesus or something

    Tommorow is knee surgery YAY!!