in one month

my little bug starts kindergarten.

he went from these…
Ryland Kiss

big stretch

to these…



where the heck did the past five years go? I can’t believe he’s gonna be in real school. awwww. I’m so sad and so happy.

oh this crazy life.

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5 thoughts on “in one month

  1. gina

    i know EXACTLY how you feel. i still think its very cool our boys are the same age :)

    did i tell you how much it sucks that i wont be able to be there for aidan’s first day of kindergarten? i have my first day of IRS training :(

  2. Christa

    I love that our boys are the same age too! Hurry up & get pregnant!

    That’s a real bummer about your training. Stupid IRS. They’re always effing shit up, eh? It’ll be okay. He won’t remember his first day at all. I certainly don’t.

    Ry has to wear a uniform. Well sort of. Khaki pants and a blue shirt. I don’t know how I feel about this.

  3. DG

    Good deal… at least its not desert camouflage!!! Uniforms keep dressing simple….and avoids
    the fashion show wich can be very expensive!!!

  4. gina

    I found out I am not missing the first day – I can at least be there to drop him off. Not to pick him up, but the drop off is the good part with all the crying right?

    Uniform? Weird. I live in the whitest area possible and hence, there’s no need for a uniform ;)

  5. Tonya

    um….pray tell, what does “Hurry up & get pregnant!” refer to?? Are you saying that you are pregnant??? that’s how i read that. :)