2 tips for you in the waning days of 09

Tip 1: the wii games that Target has for $15, the ones they have on display near the registers, are all lame. There’s a reason they’re so cheap. don’t waste your money, even just fifteen dollars of it.

Tip 2: the Braintree barnes & nobles is crappy. the one at the pru is loads better and has so many awesome things. parking sucks but that’s your problem to figure out not mine.

Holiday in Handcuffs

I’ve been trying to find pictures of Ry as a baby to compare with Nicholas as a baby. These are all of the early days, I haven’t looked for any recent ones to compare yet. And it’s hard, most of my baby pics of Ry are on DVDs or a hard drive not connected to a computer, and I’m way too lazy to actually retrieve them. So it’s just kind of whatever I canfind online or roaming around on my computer somewhere.

also, I need a better camera. I always need a better camera. That’s my excuse. Not my skills at taking pictures, but my equipment.

ryland and his cousin tyler

nicholas and his brother ryland


ryland, day 7

nicholas, day 7


ryland asleep on boppy

nick asleep on pillow


one of my fave pics of ryland ever

eh, this pic of nicholas is okay.

12 Men of Christmas

Luke Wilson not fat.

Luke Wilson before AT&T. Not fat.

Luke Wilson fat

Luke Wilson after AT&T. Conclusion: AT&T makes you fat.

Luke Wilson’s looking awfully pudgy and pasty in these new AT&T commercials he’s shilling for, and my question is: why aren’t people harassing him all over the streets and fields for his weight gain? If he was a lady, he’d be skewered. this world is a lousy schmuck.

I’ve really been enjoying words with “k” in them. The k is so underrated.

In other entertainment news, it’s just been announced: the Black Eyed Peas are performing at the grand opening celebration of Panera Bread in Raynham, MA, followed by a performance at The Silver Side Galleria in Taunton, and then capping the night with an appearance at Rebecca Finkelstein’s bat mitzvah in Mansfield.

Those guys are sure busy!