Your Assignment.

Go to your local record store (independent if possible) and purchase the album Finally Woken by Jem.

A few of you may say, &#147But she sounds like Dido!&#148

And I say don&#146t be so ridiculous. Dido is for your mother. Jem is for you. Now go, buy, listen, enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Your Assignment.

  1. Tiffany

    That was Gem. Gem is excitement, ooooh Gem (Gem) is adventure…..

    Is it wrong that I know some of the lyrics to that? Wasn’t there a computer or something named Synergy???

    Jesus, this is sad.

  2. Tiffany

    Damnit, Marianne… I’m sorry! You were totally right! It is Jem.

    Thank God for the internet.

  3. Michelle

    I actually HAD a Jem doll. She was like a barbie on steroids. Barbie was only like 8 inches tall. Jem was like a foot and a half tall. Crazy shit.