My new job is awesome.

I totally love it. It’s only been a week, sure, but it’s really great. I am just so pleased with myself. My first issue will be the June one, so everyone buy it. You can see my lovely little name along with everyone else who works on the magazine. It’s so freaking cool! I feel lucky to like my job so much.

Here’s a screenshot screenshot of my computer at work. Don’t you LOVE IT? Whoever made that picture is my favorite person.

Of course my happiness with the job is tempered by the Bruins season-ending collapse, made even more painful by the fact that I work not 400 feet from the rink. It eats at me, every day I go to work, walk around at lunch, leave at night. The big building looming over me, reminding me of all my heartbreak this season.

sigh. The only thing that makes me feel even a little better is knowing that Toronto, Carolina and Montreal all failed to make it, too. Last year’s Cup winner didn’t make the playoffs. It doesn’t get lamer than that.

5 thoughts on “My new job is awesome.

  1. DG

    Your life is now so much , so far superior than my own…except for that Bruins thing.
    After a day of occasionally looking at that screen shot I would become arrogant to my fellow commuters and look down at them along my long straight nose.

  2. Jonathan

    holy crap that desktop image is aweseome. Is it an album cover or something? What’s the magazine name, btw?

    Oh, and glad to know you’re not really pregnant – every time I think of that reprobate getting up in your junk several million of my sperm commit suicide out of depression.

  3. DG

    ” While shooting on location in Boston, Massachusetts, Martin Scorsese viewed the film’s dailies at Emerson College.”
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    I thought you would find the above movie fact interesting.

  4. Fi

    I really liked that image of your screenshot and noticed on the right side one of the bubbles says “jthreeconcepts” – had a feeling, looked it up and its a website with that image and other real cool ones.


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