Okay twilight

You win. The soundtrack to your 2nd movie is awesomely awesome. I am not a stone. If you cut me I bleed.

True, I am not going to actually watch you, but I will gladly enjoy your music. I just want to know if thom yorke watched/read/enjoyed you or any of your siblings. For my sanity I am going to assume Ne-var!

Maybe i did too many drugs. Cause my kid is such a weirdo. My phone has a voice memo app. Ry loves it. He also loves to hum. Incessantly and endlessly. A match made in heaven, these two.

He is currently listening to and humming along with a previously recorded version of his humming. It is beyond annoying.

What word exists to describe something beyond annoying? The e network? The episode of always sunny a few weeks ago where they pimped coors and dave & busters and not in a cool 30 Rock way? Anything on MTV? Cosmo mag? My neighbor who owns a Volkswagen with a bumper sticker that says “buy local”? jenna elfman?

Alright this could go on all day. There are a lot of beyond annoying things.

My first born humming along with a recording of his humming is one of them.

I shall post such a recording if I ever manage to get to an actual computer and not just my phone.

Hey here’s a pic of my baby!

One thought on “Okay twilight

  1. DG

    It looks like your new baby hears the humming to!!
    But if Ry builds enough tracks of his humming over humming he could download that to a
    keyboard then play his humming on a keyboard and hum to that!!!