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I’m the editor and founder of a food blog.

likes: recycling, John Mayer, white wine, anything with Katherine Heigl, mother nature, Katy Perry, body glitter

dislikes: internet dating sites, ick!, guys who don’t put down the toilet seat, eww!, girls who refuse to wear makeup, blech!, wrinkles, ugh! pedophiles, boo!

favorite color: purple

favorite makeup: turkish delight lip gloss by NARS or DiorShow Mascara

favorite outfit: anything Kim Kardashian wears! LOL!

favorite food: Spaghetti Alla Vongole

favorite restaurant: Le Bernardin


so apparently my last post made it seem like I have a kidney issue and need dialysis. no. my mother has a kidney disease and is now on dialysis. I was feeling bad because I’m so far away and she barely knows my kids. Overall, I was just feeling guilty.

But lots of people live for a long time on dialysis and it’s not like it’s chemo or anything, so it’s all good. I mean, not GOOD, but she’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. thank you for your concern. very kind of you.


also, I’m shutting down loafe. so you better quick get your fill and eat lots of your favorite loafe before it goes away. for help on the best of loafe, visit my handy link there on the side–best of loafe, VOL 1. I never made it to VOL 2.

Spelling dialysis is a pain

Way harder than having to do dialysis. Spelling it or having to sit there while some machine filters my blood for me? EASY CHOICE.

My motherdotcom starts dialysis monday. 3x week, four hours a pop. For the rest of ever.

It makes me really fucking depressed. Where are my cupcakes.

Cupcakes is code for cookies.

Cookies is code for pharmaceuticals.

I need a new scrip for cookies yo.

Actually cupcakes will be fine. Buttercream frosting please. And an eegees slush. PiƱa colada. Thanks.

And some drugs.

Thanks. If you do this for me
Jesus I will say nice things about you.