Fake plastic watering cans

Yesterday at the farm where we got our pumpkins, I was walking around with the baby when an old lady came up to me to tell me that Nicholas had a perfectly shaped head. I think it was her nice old-lady way of telling me my kid was ugly.

We got some good pumpkins and I ate about 19 homemade donuts that I’m still dreaming about today.

Okay twilight

You win. The soundtrack to your 2nd movie is awesomely awesome. I am not a stone. If you cut me I bleed.

True, I am not going to actually watch you, but I will gladly enjoy your music. I just want to know if thom yorke watched/read/enjoyed you or any of your siblings. For my sanity I am going to assume Ne-var!

Maybe i did too many drugs. Cause my kid is such a weirdo. My phone has a voice memo app. Ry loves it. He also loves to hum. Incessantly and endlessly. A match made in heaven, these two.

He is currently listening to and humming along with a previously recorded version of his humming. It is beyond annoying.

What word exists to describe something beyond annoying? The e network? The episode of always sunny a few weeks ago where they pimped coors and dave & busters and not in a cool 30 Rock way? Anything on MTV? Cosmo mag? My neighbor who owns a Volkswagen with a bumper sticker that says “buy local”? jenna elfman?

Alright this could go on all day. There are a lot of beyond annoying things.

My first born humming along with a recording of his humming is one of them.

I shall post such a recording if I ever manage to get to an actual computer and not just my phone.

Hey here’s a pic of my baby!