the plank needs to walk the plank already

everything is about the core these days. everything. work the core, strengthen the core, balance from your core, tighten the core, hold your core, engage your core, stabilize the core, use your core, focus on the core, build your core, core core core.

what did people do before the core? I don’t even know. we just walked around all loose and weak and falling down constantly, I guess.

the exercise I hate more than anything in life? the plank and the super plank and the plank with leg and/or arm lifts and the side plank. so basically I hate anything involving the plank. arrr, I say. arrr to the plank.

stupid core.

2 thoughts on “the plank needs to walk the plank already

  1. DG

    Try swimming!! Swimming is good, hike a couple of miles in the hot sun then dive into a cold pool and swim 32 lengths… sweet!

  2. christa Post author

    does no one think my pirate/plank joke was funny?

    arrr to the plank. get it? pirates? walking the plank? they say “arrr”?

    sigh. I am so unappreciated.

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