quote of the (yester)day

Tiffany says the following, in response to me telling her ‘I want to be a robot so bad’:

“I know you do. In my head, you’re a robot. A wonderfully cute girl robot.”

awwww. more of you please think of me as a cute girl robot. but without any genitals or anything. I don’t want weird stuff happening to my robot self.

7 thoughts on “quote of the (yester)day

  1. DG

    When you said Awww, I thought of the time in South Park when Satans lover Chris came back from being murdered by Sadamm and everyone said AwWWW !

  2. celly belly

    C’mon, you didnt think it was the least bit funny? I know its twisted, but Kermit the Frog singing ‘Hurt’ and looking at a picture of Miss Piggy, how can that NOT be friggin hilarious? or maybe i’m just one sick, b’yatch! who’s entirely too easily entertained.

    By the way, today is my B-Day! i’m very excited about receiving my Wii, Christa.
    Thanks again.
    HA! HA!
    I’m 36.
    Holy Mother of Jesus!

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