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so my old ball & chain found himself a job. making real money. I think it’s real money anyway, today was his first day and he hasn’t had a paycheck yet, but from the sounds of it, it’s going to be legal tender that we can use to buy goods and services across the country. Maybe even further.

I am happy about this in numerous ways, especially since we were probably going to die in the next week if he didn’t.

But of course I need to complain about the one thing that bugs me. Yes, he got a job. great. really. but let’s keep it in perspective here. he didn’t save the world, he didn’t didn’t bend time or create a new dimension in space, he didn’t write the great american novel. He got a job. my praise for his feat is on par with this fact. He was disappointed by my lack of fireworks and parades. I think he expected me to lay down a red carpet and feed him grapes while nubile concubines tended to his manly needs. or something.

I expect a spectacular reception to my major feats, like when I do the dishes or take a shower, but I don’t even get a little grunt or appreciative head nod.

it’s how it goes, folks. relationships are give and take, ignore and manipulate, lie and hide, outlast and outdraw.

on a completely unrelated note, a friend in tucson wrote a very interesting article on summer music festivals. go read someone who is smart and articulate and interesting and stop wasting your time here already. you should be embarrassed.

6 thoughts on “write post, preview post, publish post

  1. DG

    Well at least thats something.
    And your writer friend stole your style or something its like reading you…

  2. christa Post author

    professional reprobate. haha.

    and yes, M, I think that is exactly what his panties were all in a bunch about. I think it’s a very valid reason to hate him. for the night anyway.

    and annie most certainly did not steal my style, she writes much better than me and has actual thoughts and ideas and things to back up what she says. she’s a real writer, where I just play one on tv.

  3. Marianne

    Goddamn right that’s what it was…. and the whole thing was that he was going to “show” you that you can’t do a damn thing without him, showing you his big idea that you are dependent on him and who the fuck are you going to get to turn mattresses for you when he is at work all day? Nobody, that’s who! Now, sit back and watch him decide that now that he is a big macho working man that means he doesn’t have to do shit at home. That will be the NEXT reason to hate him.

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