fine jonathan, you win okay?

I was all up in arms when I heard wilco in volkswagen commercials. I was all up in arms when I heard royksopp in a goddamned geico commercial. I was all up in arms when… you get the picture. me, ranting and raving about music, my sweet sacred music, shilling for mass consumerism. sigh for all of humanity.

I must change my tune, as it were. I have decided that it’s okay. Well maybe not okay but I have to live with it and in as much good cheer as I can muster. you know why? because I just heard a fabulous song on a commercial for umm… mitsubishi, I think, and I just absolutely love it, I love it so much, I want to give that song my babies all night long. And the thing is, I would never have been privy to it had it not been on the lousy commercial and had I not been watching the celtics. this song, out there existing in the world, unbeknownst to me, this song that has made my life worth living.

then I realized that I hear a lot of new music on commercials, and while most of it is pure shite, there are some decent songs, and sometimes, just sometimes, I find something most excellent.

the crowning jewel on my crown of jewels is when I googled for the name of the song from the mitsi commercial I disovered a supremely cool web site that I would never have found on my own. I love this site so much I am not even going to share with you, for fear of it being ruined by undeserving eyes and ears.

of course, if you’re clever and you think like me, you will figure it out & find this site.

here. a sotd. to soothe the savage beast. sea of love by tom waits. you will love it.

5 thoughts on “fine jonathan, you win okay?

  1. jonathan

    Is the site Hype Machine? Because that’s my favorite site of the last 12 months, easily. SO much good music. So, what was the song? I may not be clever and/or think like you enough…

  2. jonathan

    Oh yeah – and it’s “savage breast,” by the way. There’s nothing that can soothe the savage beast, save a wallop on the snout with a rolled up newspaper.

  3. christa

    really? savage breast? my whole life I thought it was savage beast. I speak metaphorically though, you know.

    it’s not savage breast, is it? that’s lame. I’m sticking with savage beast. I care not.

    and no it wasn’t hype machine. but that is a crazy site, I never went there before. why didn’t you mention it when I said I was looking for new music? I show you my breasts and you repay me by withholding such valuable information? thanks a lot man.

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