hot for teacher

I’m of the annoying “humor and cleverness turns me on” variety. I can count on one hand the number of guys whose physical appearance alone makes me weak in the knees. Don’t get me wrong, I see guys I think are cute all the time, guys I’d like to take home to mom (and by mom I mean vagina). Sexy boys all over the place. Right now, I find myself particularly drawn to the ones with blond eyelashes and eyebrows. I don’t know why, but it really intrigues me. Like this guy on the train. he was definitely irish. definitely. my stupid cell phone didn’t do him justice. and that stupid guy standing in front of him with the papers was constantly in my way the whole ride while I tried to freakishly stare at him. stupid guy. get out of the way!

In general, though, most guys I see don’t make me out of my mind with the sexy feelings, you know? They do, sort of, as I imagine the things we could do. But it takes a bit of effort on my part, and it’s more mental than anything else.

But these three guys, I don’t know, there is just something to them that reaches a raw, deep, primitive sex-well inside me, without even trying. I can’t escape from it. it is instant and constant.

1. jacoby ellsbury, baseball player for the red sox. I know the whole world is in love with this guy and I’m one of them. he’s super talented, a nice guy, a hard worker, vibrant and youthful, etc. but it’s his body. his body is unbelievable, his speed, the way he looks in a uniform, the catches he makes in the outfield, the sexy way he wears that tight red undershirt, with only one arm covered. have mercy. I watch him at the plate, in his stance, the way his hips move, the dip of his swing, the smooth fluid motion. I just want to devour him.

2. tyler durden. okay I know he’s not a real guy, but still. brad pitt in fight club was ridiculous. this picture says all I need to say. oh my, the vapors.

3. hot guy at gym. I don’t have a picture of him. well, somewhere I snuck a pic and posted it, but it isn’t anything useful or worth digging up again. sadly, I haven’t seen him lately, but I will never forget him and his pull-ups, the beanie he wore, his sweatshirt, the way his back curved so nicely down into his lower back and hips. and mostly, that look he gave me, the one that said “i know you’re thinking dirty dirty things about me, you giant weirdo whore.”

I thought about adding one more, thom yorke, but I think it’s a combination of his looks and his talent that gets my blood flowing. it’s close though. I don’t know what’s going on with that drooping eye of his, but goddamn it if it’s not the sexiest thing I know.

I really hate the way this dumb theme posts pictures. don’t make it all fancy, just put the damn picture under the words and leave it at that. for frick’s sake.

5 thoughts on “hot for teacher

  1. DG

    Yes she is JR, but she is also flirting with a vast number of men on the train, tv and other media. I think she is quite randy…wouldnt you say??

  2. gina

    Ack! Blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. Yikes. That scares me. That is really the opposite of Colin Farell. Nice Brad Pitt picture.

  3. christa

    yes yes blonde eyebrows and lashes scare me too, which is why I find myself so drawn to it. it’s weird. I am fascinated.

    colin farell is not nearly as hot as he used to be.

  4. christa

    and that picture of brad pitt is more than just “nice.” give me five minutes alone with that picture and we’re both gonna walk outta there pregnant.

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