boston ry

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  1. mark

    A Bruins jersey?? Setting your son up for failure at such an early age is slightly cruel…

  2. morgan

    great photo. you should enter that one in some kind of photo contest. you would win.

  3. DG

    I think you have found your artistic vent.
    photos… he is a natural…
    you should see my cousin Josette and her photos of her “China doll”
    You two should swap photo ops.

  4. jonathan

    I only hope he learns to love non Boston based teams at some point so that when I say my nightly prayers for eternal torment & anguish for the sports fans of the Boston area I won’t have to include your son, who by all accounts has done nothing to deserve such curses.

  5. brasten

    Apologies for the totally unrelated comment, but —

    DG!! I seem to remember from our scuffles of many years ago that you’re have some formal education in economics? I’ve developed something of a love for all-things-Economy over the last couple years, and plan on supplementing my personal studies with some night/online courses.

    Am I right in my understanding that microeconomics is about general trends/purchasing habits/etc of people, whereas macroeconomics is about central banks/currency-exchanges/etc???

  6. christa

    so I suppose then Mark you’d want me to give him say a habs jersey. Then he can be a smug asshole who cheats whines and cries his way through life and still winds up a big fat loser, even with a so called dream team and dream season and glorified goalie whose cocky arrogance cost his team a championship?

    besides, it’s good to set in him from the beginning a feeling of inferiority, of always coming up short. to get used to it. we boston fans love the agony of defeat, of heartbreak, of complete and utter failure. it’s born and bred.

    he wouldn’t be a true a boston sports fan if I made him otherwise.

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