I am very professional and important

So I am leaving tonight on an OVERNIGHT business trip. It’s only an hour and a half away, but it’s all paid for by work and I am not bringing my family and I have to dress fancy (ugh, please kill me) and it’s OVERNIGHT, and I get my own hotel room, and I am very excited.

I won’t be back until TOMORROW. you kids have fun without me, I’ll be boozing it up with a bunch of snooty rich sailing types, who will make fun of me and my mexican-ness every time I am out of earshot (even though I’ll say a million times “I’m not mexican you know, I’m HISPANIC” and when they ask me to clean something of theirs, we will all laugh uncomfortably. and I’ll clean it of course. I’m hispanic, what can I say). whatev. like I care.

please don’t let the world fall apart while i’m gone. okay love you bye bye.

5 thoughts on “I am very professional and important

  1. jonathan

    You should excuse yourself from the meeting & then steal their cars. It’s what my wife would do, but then again she’s down con la raza.

  2. Marianne

    Well, I don’t know what in HELL you expect me to do during MY work hours when I can’t email you…god you are so fucking self-centered.

  3. DG

    After the tequila and the cervesa fria has caught up with all of you , you can do the hat dance and the macarena!!