ole, ole, ole

suck on it, montreal

a thursday divinity to beat all other divinities. the b’s win tonight, and win big, forcing game 6.

It’s like the red sox beating the yankees in the postseason… the pleasure in beating your biggest rivals is great and wide. At this point, I don’t care what the bruins do after; if they can win this series, that will be my stanley cup.

you know what kid’s show I really like? oobi. I also really like the upside down show, and not because I have a bit of a thing for shane. although I do. what can I say, tall, lanky bald guys do it for me I guess. good thing g is losing his hair?

2 thoughts on “ole, ole, ole

  1. gina

    OMG – In my opinion, Oobi is a lame show. Aidan used to he mesmerized by it though. And, the Upside Down Show was the funniest thing he ever saw. I personally like the catchy tunes on the Backyardigans. I like that they mix in a smattering of urban names for the characters, like Shanequa (sp?) and Tyrone. Anyway, I cannot get that “Samurai Pie” song out of my head! “Do you wanna make pie? Yes, I wanna make pie. Then try this ex-er-cise (gong sound).” Love it!

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