unbeatable banzuke

my and g’s new favorite show is this funny game show called unbeatable banzuke, where these goofball japanese people make these even goofierball contestants do the craziest shit. we love it more than I can possibly tell you. I am sure if you did a youtube search for unbeatable banzuke you will see what I mean and maybe a good poster on a good site would offer you a link. but fuck you people, I don’t care. I just want to tell you what I like.

I like the weird wheelbarrow shaped like a cat because it’s always couples doing it, quite often old people, and they are funny and they always crash and I love old people being silly and crashing. plus, I think of all the challenges on that show, that is the one g and I might be able to do. not win, but do. pogo sticks, unicycles, giant toys, balls & hammers are just some of the things featured and utilized. I love the announcer guy, he gets so very excited. and some of the translations are so beautiful in their hilarity that I just swell with my love of life and that I get to enjoy such fine entertainment.

4 thoughts on “unbeatable banzuke

  1. jonathan

    Your “Poems” section says “some of my favorite poems” but then it only lists one poem.

    Is your other poem a zen koan about the nature of duality & expectation?

  2. DG

    I dont think those are translations. They are calculated statements made to twist the show into even more hilarity.

  3. gina

    i do not enjoy those japanese shows. i always wonder who in the heck is watching them, now i know! :) however, flight of the conchords is quite funny – thanks for mentioning it to me.

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