spring marches us closer to the fall

spring has begun her slow descent into boston. honestly, in arizona, I never much cared for the season. It didn’t really do much except remind you that the relentless pounding unforgiving heat of summer was almost upon you. the summer season pretty much begins in may and ends in october, with spring, fall and winter getting together to sort of try and cool things down a bit in between.

It’s different in new england. I get so used to winter, the dark, the cold, the damp, that I’ve found a new appreciation for spring. it’s warmer, of course, and the days are longer, which means that going to work and coming home is no longer an adventure cloaked in a shroud of darkness. that is an awesomeness I can’t put into words.

I love how spring brings a sunnier sun. The air actually feels heavier, more dense. The light’s not as thin and everything takes on more meaning, shape, and substance.

what’s curious is how winter here is so stark and powerful, weighing down on you like mountains of snow, yet somehow everything around you feels vague and warbly, the landscape washed out, the air translucent and weak. Winters are dark and dank, but at the same time so very brittle, dry and white. how can it be both dark and white at the same time? wet and dry? ahh, the mysteries of the world, so enchanting and seductive, so elusive, so fleeting, so confusing, so contradictory.

seriously though, there’s something to be said for seasons. really. it’s very empowering and crap. reminds you of the inherent ebb and flow of the universe, of nature, of life. every beginning is actually an end, every end a beginning, every death a birth, every birth a death, blah blah, etc etc. it’s cool. I like it. you like it too.

on an somewhat related note, this is how I know I’m old and the lifelong mayor of dullsville, USA. I get a text message today from my boyfriend that doesn’t say “we’re going to a kickin’ party this weekend” or “I’m taking you out to a fancy restaurant tonight” or even “I’m about to do a line and then hit the clubs, care to join me?” no my text message says, “ry took big poop in potty. he moaned. I got video.”

and the crowning jewel in my Good God I’m Old treasure chest? I am looking forward to watching this video.


okay, so this post is the best I can come up with folks, sorry. I’ve got little to say and no time to say it. which I know isn’t much different than any other day or post, so really just shut up already. and to be all technical and shit, it isn’t even that I have no time to write, but rather I have no time I wish to reallocate, as it’s being used in other lovely ways, like reading, watching TV or playing sudoku, which has become my newfound obsession in the past week or so. that stupid game. I hate sudoku.

OH! and one more thing. I don’t care what it means or what it says about the democratic party (which is a disjointed chaotic mess that frustrates me to no end but you know still tons better than the republicans), but I am glad hillary won texas and ohio. I’m glad, I know there are a million reasons why she can’t and won’t win the nomination, but I’m glad. I can’t deny it. I like her I will always like her. and though I do quite adore barack obama, there is something about him that I can’t quite put my finger on that makes me ever so slightly nervous.

Oh wait I know. he’s black. I forget about my racism sometimes.

As far as the other jerks in the primaries… I’m sure I don’t know what I’m talking about but it seems kind of smart that huckabee continued for as long as he did and in my opinion I think it will benefit the republican party as a whole. The huckster knew he wasn’t going to win the nomination, but there are a lot of republicans who don’t like mccain. and now huckabee will give his support to mccain, which means all those crazy ass fundamentalist freaks who love huckabee are going to follow him to mccain’s camp. which is what mccain needs, no? am I wrong? it makes sense to me. maybe the dems are doing that too, and when h.c. concedes to b.o., all her supporters will support obama (although I don’t think that’s really what the dems are doing…)

I don’t want mccain to win and I reiterate my guarantee that a democratic will win in november, but I just want to make it known to my many loyal readers that I recognize the overtly sly deviousness of the republicans and the selfish competitive never say never nature of the democrats.

did you like my post title? I am using all sorts of play on words and reflections of the content of my entry. me and my clever.

5 thoughts on “spring marches us closer to the fall

  1. brasten

    The media reads too much into things sometimes. Huckabee was staying in because he was having fun and people were voting for him. And perhaps he wants more influence in the party.

    It’s largely irrelevant, though, Hillarack Oblinton will win in November.

  2. DG

    Oh Brasten, fun has nothing to do about it!!Its all about ego, money, greed and power!!
    Brasten BTW.. I received a certificate in VB 2005 in Dec!!
    Everyone.. I am in the Chicago Subs and Obama is our man!!

  3. brasten

    Kick ass, DG! About the certificate, anyway. ;-)

    My office-mate here is a huge Obama guy and was elected as a delegate at his caucus here in Seattle!!

    With the two of us sharing an office space every day, we have the most interesting – and frequent – political discussions… hahah…

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