This boot is made for stomping


I have to wear this ridiculous boot on my leg. Because apparently I have a stress fracture in my foot. It’s so dumb. I look like an idiot. I have to wear it for a month! A whole goddamned month. Plus the doctor says I can’t go to the gym, all I can do is swim. And I say HA. fat chance on that buddy. If I have to wear this thing for a month, you can be sure I’ll still be doing my thing at the gym. No pain no gain. fuck you stress fracture.

who goes swimming? honestly.

The cool thing is that I kind of feel like a robot with it on. I need another one for my other leg, plus some for my arms. Pretty awesome.

The ortho guy says this is the same boot that Brady wore. We’re all rubbing it for luck. Go pats!

4 thoughts on “This boot is made for stomping

  1. PA Michelle

    Jeez, how did you manage to get a stress fracture? I hope you aren’t in pain. BTW – is showing the default theme for wordpress on my computer. Maybe its just my computer, but I figured I’d let you know anyway.

  2. DG

    I have had two days of Server errors whenever I try to go to Loafe.
    I go swimming ..I swim 6 days a week. I swam 36 lengths today.
    I have been doing that now since june 2005.

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