let’s hibernate

I’m fuzzy. trying to get into the swing of things after being gone for two weeks. It was hard to leave tucson. I am very depressed. It didn’t help that it was warm and sunny when we left AZ and cold and snowy when we got back to New England. sigh. tomorrow it’s supposed to get up to a blistering 17° F, followed by a cozy 8° night. That’s like what, negative a billion celsius?

stupid boston winters.

I probably should have taken an extra day or so to decompress, instead of getting home last night and coming to work this morning, but eh. whatever. I don’t mind being in work, it’s slow and quiet. I’d rather be here shaking off the vacation sleepies than at home.

but jesus if I don’t hate this whole stupid “how was your holiday/vacation?” conversation I now must engage in with a thousand people. blah blah blah AZ blah blah christmas blah blah no one cares. let’s just move on and not pretend we do.

More than anything, that’s what I’ve been dreading. conversation with other humans.

I can’t be the only cold selfish bitter apathetic jerk around here, can I? maybe I should make a shirt that offers some kind of witty cynicism to the questioning masses. I’m too tired to think of something though. you do it.

my new favorite thing: dead rising, on xbox. my new saddest thing: I don’t have an xbox.

I haven’t done a song of the day in a bit. here you go. sunrise, sunset by bright eyes. this one’s for you, tiffany, cause I know how much you love c.oberst.

5 thoughts on “let’s hibernate

  1. Tiffany

    Ummmmmm, C. Oberst should just stop freaking whining already! Ugh. Stupid gloom cookie.

    p.s. You can come back and play Dead Rising on my xbox360 ANY day. Now, get back here!

  2. Marianne

    You know, at work today everyone was asking how my holiday was….I guess they mean New Year’s Day but whatever. I was seriously tempted to tell them I am a Johovah’s Witness or whatever and don’t celebrate any holidays. I didn’t do it though. I should have. So, try that one next year, just tell people you have some crazy religion. Not only will they stop talking to you about your holidays, they might just stop talking to you altogether.

  3. Dan

    Oh fucking lighten up. It’s called common-fucking-courtesy. Nobody really cares that you played x-box and your son received blah and blah and your family was blah and blah. All they want is “it was fine” or “it was good.” FUCKING EASY. Easy one word answer. Learn to deal with people, for fuck sake.

  4. christa Post author

    “gloom cookie” is so funny. I like gloom cookies. I wish oberst was cuter though.

    and I like that crazy religion idea, marianne, if it gets people to stop talking to me altogether. with my luck though I’ll get more people trying to talk to me, either to convince me how crazy the crazy religion is or to tell me more about their own crazy religion.

    and from my view, common courtesy is way overrated. I’m super nice to people, I deal with them swimmingly. when people ask about my holidays, I tell them exactly that, “it was great, thanks. arizona was very warm. how was yours?” and what does it get me? nothing but more talking. or to be more precise, more listening.

    in the end, we’re all just talking for no real reason, pretending to be interested, when it’s certainly not interesting. they ask just so I will ask them back, and then they can tell me all about their totally awesome holiday break, how great it was, what their son got, how they played xbox, etc. I think it comes down to these people having more patience than me.

    hmm. let me revise. if someone talked to me about how they played dead rising on xbox 360, I might be interested. or katamari. instead they talk to me about skiing or some sort of sporty active activity that they did over the holidays, usually involving the outdoors. I don’t think I ate a single vegetable or fruit for the entire two weeks I was gone, and I certainly didn’t do anything remotely active.

    not that I don’t love the people I work with, because I do, but damn it, why can’t any of these sailors be lazy? they all have to be go-getters, motivated, busy. sheesh. I’m starting to get a complex.

    and “it was fine” is a three-word answer. one word would be “meh” or “sigh” or “ha”. for fuck sake.

  5. Tiffany

    Wow Dan sure has great people skills, huh? Give it up for his mad, chock full of courtesy people skillz, yo.

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