i am legend

I saw the new will smith movie today. it was pretty cool. it was a zombie movie.

did any of you realize how cute he is? I never did. he’s got quite the body.

it was kinda cheesy, and the end was a little too easy. I liked it though. it was a zombie movie, with zombie scary things being zombie crazy trying to eat him.

but the best part of the movie? when I tripped and then totally fell, flailing all over like a crazy old bag lady, as I walked to my seat, in the back, up the theater steps, with the entire theater watching me. it was awesome. and by awesome I mean super embarrassing and very very funny.

4 thoughts on “i am legend

  1. DG

    In anticipation of even more pumpkin pie tonite..
    I just listened to the Croutons PP song. Now its C3Po is a British Robot….


  2. gina

    hahahahahahaha. falling is funny. at least you didn’t fall AND hurt yourself. it is even funnier when your ankle hurts like a mf’er and you pretend like it’s nothin but a thang.

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