So I realized something tonight sitting in class. Although I was a bit disappointed when I found out I wasn&#146t having a girl, it is actually a good thing. That way I wouldn’t try to heal my wounds through her. Because in my warped mind, I would&#146t be raising my daughter, I&#146d be raising Christa. No good could come of that.

7 thoughts on “Hmm.

  1. Marianne

    Ain’t it the truth, girlfriend. Although I must say that I am writing this while my boy is perched rather precariously on top of a ledge separating my living room from my family room. Boys are challenging in their own special, obnoxious ways.

  2. DG

    Women that have children and dont love them as individuals, seeking preferences because of their own personality disorders ensure a future for psychoanalysts and the entire prison industry.

  3. Marianne

    You know, DG, your comment is entirely typical of someone who does not have kids. Let me tell you a little secret: you don’t know SHIT about life. Ask any mother and she will confirm.

    Furthermore, people who choose to live their lives blaming their mother and refusing to see HER as an individual and human being with just as many frailties and character flaws as any other human being, ensure a future population of self indulgent whiners.

    GROW UP!

  4. DG

    I find your comments extremely helpful. I apoligize if I offended anyone. I do whine a bit,
    or maybe alot. I will take your comments to heart
    and try to learn from them. Its true I know little about life from your perspective. But I truly do wish to know more.

  5. DG

    I hate ignorance. Christa knows that. If I am ignorant shame on me. I obviously have a problem with that the mother issue. But I am working on it. In fact I think I better call my therapist now. When I came to work I was looking for a confrontation..republicans, the economy.. the war in Iraq.. I never want to hurt Christa, if I did once again I apologize.