beer and cheer

I got slightly drunk at beerworks then came home and listened to christmas music. sounds pathetic, but it was actually pretty nice.

3 thoughts on “beer and cheer

  1. DG

    Slightly is good, when it comes to alcohol if you wind up in your own bed the next morning with no police involvement and the car is in one piece its good!!

  2. Marianne

    I am embarassed to admit how many traditional Christmas songs make me cry every time I hear them. Did you cry and during which songs? You can tell us….we won’t laugh.

  3. christa Post author

    I will admit to no crying.

    we listened to a lot of songs. actually, we only listened to 30 second clips from itunes, because we don’t have any christmas music on the computer. they’re all packed in a box somewhere.

    it was still fun though.

    what songs make you cry, Marianne? and I promise to laugh. and make fun of you.

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