why you love my baby.

Last night at the store, as I’m wiping Ry’s ass after he took a monstrous dump, I sighed one of my patented christa sighs, and without missing a beat, ry said, “oy vey” like I always do. it was funny.

Then later, as I’m zipping up his jacket, he hugs me and says, “mommy, you’re my best friend.” couldn’t you just die? I’m his best friend! granted, he doesn’t have any real concept of friendships, much less BEST friendships, and he doesn’t know very many people, so being his best friend is kind of like being milhouse’s best friend, but it still made me very happy.

Later, when G asked if he was ry’s best friend, too, the kid just laughed and said, “no daddy. no.”

It’s the little things, you know?

5 thoughts on “why you love my baby.

  1. gina

    that is pretty cute! aidan is a little traitor, he pulls the best friend move on whoever happens to be around.

  2. pa michelle

    Gabby doesn’t say any of the best friend stuff, but if my husband annoys her by asking too many questions or teases her she rolls her eyes at him and says “Leave me alone, I’m doing _____” (whatever she’s doing at the time). One time she told him to be quiet because she was watching TV. It was priceless. Its like she’s a teenager already.

  3. Marianne

    Well, I’ll just have to talk to him when you all get here….he needs to get the score on who is the real BFF. We’ll have to come to an “understanding”.

  4. christa Post author

    that is very cute michelle. I am glad she’s preparing you guys early for the hell that is teenagers.

    and you made me laugh very hard marianne.

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