I’ll show them just how far I can bend

sometimes a certain song or two comes up on my ipod and I would be very embarrassed if anyone were to see. I am embarrassed for seeing it. Right now for example: back to good, matchbox 20. the other day it was glycerin, bush. And wherever you will go, the calling. I could go on. While these songs make rainbow babies in my heart, I’ll spare you the horror.

But I don’t need to be embarrassed with you loafe, do I? I can tell you anything. Cause we’re cool, you and me. mafia freezer cool. copacetic. so very chill.

on the safe side, here are three succulent treats for you, songs to balance out the ones from above. songs to temper my hatred with peace, weave my disgust into fame, and watch how fast they run to the flame.

car. built to spill. “I wanna see it when you get stoned on a cloudy breezy desert afternoon”

all her favorite fruit. camper van beethoven. “And we are rotting like a fruit underneath a rusting roof”

I’m on standby. grandaddy. “Out of order or sort of unaligned, powered down for redesign”

hmm. I just went to buy exile in guyville on itunes, because my copy is so scratched and tattered that it’s barely playable. They don’t sell it. weird. then I went to amazon.com. they don’t have it new, but I can buy a used copy. weird. I tried barnes and noble. they don’t sell it. they don’t even have a listing for it. what the hell is going on?

This is one of the greatest albums of all time and I can’t find it anywhere to buy new?

Now I’m starting to remember how every time I go into a record store to buy another copy, they never have it, and I think, “this place stucks, they don’t even have exile? stupid fucking record stores. I hate you.”

But apparently, it’s not just that record stores suck, but also that you can’t buy the album new anymore. I am sorry I listened to mine so much I wore it out. I am sorry. But I should be able to replace it, no? this is america in 2007, not some dark crazy gulag. god damn it. I should be able to buy anything I want whenever I want.

Don’t worry, loafe. It’s okay. relax. I ended up buying a used copy from an amazon seller. we’ll get it soon enough. everything will be okay.

I better have a nice freaking divinity tomorrow though. you hear me, divineness? I’m not fucking around with you.

6 thoughts on “I’ll show them just how far I can bend

  1. gina

    hahaha, i remember when you LOVED Bush. I think I have that song in my mp3 archive just because you liked it. Anyway. Such a trendsetter.

  2. christa

    LOVED? I still do. Well, the Bush of “sixteen stone” anyway.

    god I was mad for gavin. I saw them in concert with no doubt back in OC, and I feel like I’m the reason they met. me and me alone. they can both thank me for their happy little family.

    I am a trendsetter. or at least I want desperately to be one.

    sigh. I lead a sad life.

  3. christa Post author

    Oh. it wasn’t in orange county?

    are you sure??

    I guess it could have been the TCC. you’re probably right. I was high and/or drunk all the time back then.

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