The Coriolis effect

I wish I lived the kind of life where I could say, “I have a connection with the murderer! I don’t understand it, but I see what he sees. we have to save that little girl!” and it all made perfect sense and wasn’t just some goofy line from a Lifetime movie. And also that I was running around, grabbing people by their collars, begging for them to listen to me, please just listen, I’m not crazy!

Instead, I lead the kind of life where you can frequently hear me say, “not right now, I’m tired” and the only time I run around is when I’m 3000 hours late for something and can’t find anything (which is pretty much every single second of my life). Although I do seem to find myself begging people to listen to me, telling them I’m not crazy.

hmm. maybe I’m closer than I thought. I’ll have to start pretending I have mental connections with murderers. What could it hurt? Just close my eyes and…ohmygosh, I see it, WE HAVE TO SAVE THAT LITTLE GIRL!

In other news, today is expected to be very long, boring and pointless, with no chance of hope. Forecasters say this region is suffering from a severe drought. A low-pressure system would effectively soak the area, bringing much needed relief and washing away bitterness, but the outlook is bleak, with no end in sight. Citizens find themselves shifting aimlessly from apathy to panic, clinging to a sense of desperation and a feeling of great loss as their only sustenance.

As they await the next storm, they can only wish for some sort of immediate tragedy to help alleviate tension and distract them from the dying vegetation all around them.

3 thoughts on “The Coriolis effect

  1. gina

    hey – i bought one of those single serve coffee tea maker things. i am going to try is out in a minute. it came with tea pods. also, it was only 19.99 at Tuesday Morning.

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