mondays suck.

I love watching guys lift weights at the gym, they’re so funny and cute with their strenuations. Most of them lift way more than they should be lifting and they do it quickly, with momentum, not bothering to hold the count or do it slow and steady, which is how I’ve always been taught. Often I see them being lifted off their seat/feet by the force of the weights, like instead of pushing the weight, the weight is pushing them. How is that helpful? They get all sweaty and huffy, making curious grimaces and stranger noises. I find it very enjoyable and distracting.

I suppose their way gives them those big punchy muscles, and my way doesn’t, which I guess is better since I’m a girl. Well, according to my private parts, I am. Sometimes I wonder.

As much as I like watching these guys in the gym, though, I’m not a big fan of the big muscles. It’s entertaining when working out, but I’m more fond of the long, lean and lanky look. A skateboarder’s body.

Actually, that isn’t entirely true. I do very much like that style of body, prefer it maybe, but I see many men in my daily goings-on who don’t fit that description, and they frolic in my mind just as easy. In fact, they can sometimes frolic quite a bit dirtier.

And if strenuations isn’t a real word, it should be.

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