no one supports me in my materialistic and meaningless endeavors

what, do you people CARE about me or something¿

One of the reviews said: “The E4c model doesn’t quite deliver that fantastic audiophile quality of the E5c, but it’s so close that you won’t notice if you don’t have really great hearing and expertly trained ears.” Now, if really great hearing and expertly trained ears doesn’t describe me then I just don’t know what does.

But fine. FINE. I’ve seen these E4c headphones for under $200. So FINE, despite my exquisite ear functioning, maybe I will spend the lesser amount of money and get the inferior earbuds. FINE. Then I can take the rest of my money and do something useless like invest. sigh. sigh all over america.

having four days off from work has been nice. also, eating lots of food. and taking a long nap every single afternoon. I could spend the rest of my days sleeping and be perfectly fine with that, really I could.

I leave you with a good song from the beastie boy’s check your head, called namasté. excellent album, my favorite of the beastie boys, even over paul’s boutique. I’ve realized that a good majority of my favorite songs come from the ’90s. a local radio station had an all-90s weekend not long ago, and it was the best weekend of my entire life.

2 thoughts on “no one supports me in my materialistic and meaningless endeavors

  1. gina

    i’m pissed! i just unloaded the dryer and discovered that my own very inferior earbuds (came with my inferior creative labs mp3 player) had someone gone into the washing machine and dryer with my clothes. someone they attached to the lace on a pair of my underwear, ruined the ear buds and the underwear. damn it. i guess i will have to go spend $15 on another pair.

  2. christa Post author

    spend 10 times that and you can get an even better pair to ruin in your dryer!!

    you know, I bet your ruined underwear was more money than your ruined headphones, and this is forever why you will be yummy mummy and I yucky schmucky.

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