game 1 vs Habs cont’d

Go Bruins! One game down, three more to go!

Last night&#146s game made me the happiest girl in Boston. It made you happy too, I can tell.

After four years of working at my job, I finally get business cards. Of course this happens now, because at the end of the month I&#146m leaving. It makes perfect sense. Because that, my friends, is how things work in my life.

Not that these business cards are all that great. I didn&#146t design them so they have stupid alignment and weird proximity and just don&#146t look as cool as I would have made them. But whatever.

My official title is Director of Ideas and Information. I made it up. Don&#146t you just love it.

4 thoughts on “game 1 vs Habs cont’d

  1. DG

    When you get home to Arizona, take the cards in hand and toss them out the window as you drive through the desert. If they are shielded from the sun, as many will be, they will be like little timecapsules for future generations to uncover and ponder. They will ensure, as your future son will be, a form of fulfilled immortality. Kind of.

  2. tonya

    who are the Habs anyway? all i can think of are the “habeneros” but that doesn’t seem likely.

    p.s. christa, where’s my email you promised? ;)

    p.p.s. i was watching Godfather II the other day and someone said “caballeros.” memories…..

  3. Neely


    I F-ING LOVE PLAYOFF HOCKEY (esp. when the B’s are winning the series…)